SANO events

Subject to future Covid-19 regulations the following programme has been put together for 2022:

17 Feb            Pub Lunch                                  LIttlehampton

19 Mar            AGM/Lecture/Lunch                   Hove Club                      QE Class Carriers Geopolitical Implications

29 Apr            Visit                                             tba

6 May             Mess Dinner                               Hove Club                      Deputy Governor Tower of London

9 Jul               Curry Lunch/Lecture                   Hove Club                      Commonweal War Graves (Research)

1 Sep              Pub lunch                                   tba

22 Oct            Trafalgar Night Dinner                Hove Club                      RA Kimmons

26 Nov           Lecture/Lunch                            Hove Club                      Secret Sussex

Event bookings and payments

Payment should accompany bookings.  This can be by cheque via the Social Secretary, Ray Wright, or by transfer to the Association’s bank account.  Bank details appear on booking forms.

SANO does not offer a “pay on the door” or at the event facility, credit or acknowledge bookings, but members with queries on a booking or payment are welcome to contact the Secretary.