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Mine-hunting ‘mother ship’ arrives in Plymouth

A specialist ship to support Royal Navy operations – a mother ship to launch drones to find and destroy undersea threats – has arrived in Plymouth today.

£100 million boost as naval shipbuilding confirms return to Belfast

A £1.6 billion contract has been awarded to Team Resolute to manufacture the vessels providing munitions, stores and provisions to Royal Navy ships.

New UK subsea protection ship arrives into Merseyside

Britain’s critical subsea infrastructure is set to be strengthened as the first of two future undersea surveillance ships today arrived into Birkenhead.

£15.4 million contract for first cutting-edge Navy crewless submarine

A £15.4 million contract for a cutting-edge crewless submarine has been awarded to Plymouth firm MSubs by the Royal Navy. The vessel will be delivered to the Navy in two years’ time and will further advance the UK’s ability to protect our critical national infrastructure and monitor sub-sea activity.

New legal powers to support Armed Forces families and Veterans

Defence Ministers have backed a stronger legal requirement on local services to support Armed Forces personnel, their families, and the Veterans community.

From today (22 Nov), councils, NHS Trusts and other local bodies across the UK providing services to the Forces community, will be required to adhere to a new legal Duty that reflects the key values of the Armed Forces Covenant.

This means that authorities must now consider how their decision-making impacts upon members of the Armed Forces community. For example, schools should consider if a parent is a member of the Forces community and give due consideration to their requirement for flexible leave depending upon the requirements of their military career.

1SL Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Submariners – Black Caps

To recognise the unique ethos of the Submarine Service within the Royal Navy, approval has been given for all qualified submariners, ratings and officers, to wear black cap covers as of July 2021. Black covers will now be the default except for ceremonial events.


In November 1993 the Women’s Royal Naval Service was disbanded & integrated with the Royal Navy three years after WRNS first served at sea in RN Ships. Today the RN is regularly recognised as among the top employers for women.

RN issued above instruction on 13 February 1970. It was already in use with aircrew. The beret is still in use today but the working uniform it is designed for is about to be refreshed.

RN gets first unmanned minesweeping system

The Royal Navy is set to receive three world-class autonomous minesweepers to work on mine disposal operations and reduce the risk to sailors on these dangerous missions.

The crewless system is the first of its kind in the navy and will allow personnel to neutralise mines at range while on operations around the globe. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, the system, known as a Combined Influence Sweep (Sweep), can defeat modern digital sea mines which can pose risks by detecting and targeting passing ships and submarines.

Dreadnought “on track for delivery early 2030s”

The Defence Secretary has confirmed that first of class nuclear missile submarine HMS Dreadnought is on track for delivery in the early 2030s. More here.