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Famous in modern times as Santa Claus, St Nicholas of Myra is also the patron saint of Sailors.

December 1902 – the Selborne Scheme was announced under which Royal Navy Executive and Engineering Officers would undergo common initial training. Planned by Earl Selborne (1st Lord of Admiralty) & 2SL Adm Fisher to make Wardroom’s less elitist and improve careers of Engineers.

November 1844 – the Royal Navy directed that Larboard be replaced by the word Port to refer to the left side of a ship. Larboard came from ladeboard (loading) which was usually done on the left as the steering oar or ‘Steerboard’ was on the right, later and still known as Starboard.

30 Sep 98 the White Ensign was hauled down for the last time in HMS DOLHPIN in Gosport. The site of the 20th c. Submarine base has been in Military Hands as Fort Blockhouse since 1431 but is currently planned for disposal by 2023.