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Falklands 40 On 2 April 1982, Rear Admiral Sandy Woodward, who was in Gibraltar half way through Ex SpringTrain 82 in HMS ANTRIM, was given orders under Operation CORPORATE. At 2130 he was told that Argentina had invaded the Falkands. The next day he sailed South In HMS GLAMORGAN with 10 ships.  Picture on right shows Ex SpringTrain ships in Gibraltar at end of March.  Submarine at far left on outer mole is HMS SUPERB – WEO SANO Chair.

30 Sep 98 the White Ensign was hauled down for the last time in HMS DOLHPIN in Gosport. The site of the 20th c. Submarine base has been in Military Hands as Fort Blockhouse since 1431 but is currently planned for disposal by 2023.