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July through the ages

1982:  HMS HERMES returned home to HMNB Portsmouth from the Falklands where she had served as the Task Force Flagship. The carrier was commissioned in 1959 and sold to the Indian Navy in 1986.

1971:  Submariners were first issued with dolphin badges, now synonymous with the silent service, at HMS DOLPHIN.  The design is a variation of an earlier one designed for the Australian Navy.

1913:  First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, announces to Parliament that all new Royal Navy ships will be fueled by oil as opposed to coal. This marked an important point in the Navy and countries evolution and was a risk as we had plenty of coal reserves.

1759:   HMS VICTORY was laid down in Chatham Dockyard, 46 years later she would seal her place in history at Trafalgar.  163 years later, still in service, she was saved for the nation as a museum HMNB Portsmouth and after 263 years is still in commission.

1704:  Anglo-Dutch force under Admiral Rooke captured Gibraltar.  The Royal Navy and Royal Marines action was decisive as was the bravery of the Royal Marines in defending the Rock in the siege that followed, leading to the proud recognition in their official insignia.

1864:  Squadron Colours were abolished which had seen Royal Navy ships sailing under the Red, White & Blue ensigns.  From this day on, the RN mustered under the White Ensign. The Blue went to vessels commanded by RN Reservists and Red to Merchantmen.

June in history

14 June 1982 Argentine surrender. Royal Marines, The Parachute Reg, Scots Guards and Gurkha Brigade supported by gunfire from Royal Navy make final assault on Port Stanley.  RN mobilised 112 ships (RN, RMAS, RFA,STUFT) and 907 died (649 Argentina 255 British & 3 Locals).  RFA Sir Galahad & RFA Sir Tristram are abandoned following air attack off Fitzroy Cove.  48 men died on Galahad and 2 on Tristram from RFA and Army, mainly Welsh Guards.  Galahad was later sunk by HMS ONYX whilst Tristram was recovered the following year.

Platinum Jubilee

3 June 2022 (1952) Dress Ship today to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen