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Defence’s COVID-19 support – Update 29 January

Some 5,500 service personnel remained on Covid operations as of 29 January, supporting 73 ongoing Military Aid to Civilian Authority tasks of 303 requests since the pandemic hit.  This included the vaccine rollout, NHS support and community testing across the UK.  Around 14,000 personnel remained on standby.

This is the largest peacetime resilience operation ever undertaken by the UK Armed Forces, across all four home nations and focused on three strands of the Covid response – testing, vaccines and clinical support for the NHS.  It is drawing on every corner of expertise of the services.  Areas of support include:

Armed forces personnel on support duty with the Welsh Ambulance Service

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COVID-19 in Defence – Tests, cases, plans – Update 21 January

MoD regularly reports on COVID-19 in Defence.

The latest report, dated 21 January, shows that as of 8 January “a minimum of” 4,303 service personnel had tested positive, including 1,431 RN/RM/reserve.

In all, 81,279 tests had been administered across Defence as part of the national testing programme, including 13,632 “Navy” (12,678 uniformed, 954 civilian) and 40,746 UK Strategic Command.

The report says:

“COVID-19 will be a defining feature of the Defence operating environment for the foreseeable future. As such, the Ministry of Defence has moved from the COVID Defence management plan to the COVID Defence recovery and response plan. This plan is to enable Defence to adapt to living with COVID-19 for an extended period and prepare and respond to changes in government guidance.”

As part of the national testing programme, armed forces personnel, MoD civilians and contractors are considered essential workers, and thus eligible for priority testing.

Report here.

What to expect when going for a jab

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SANO events

Following the Covid-inflicted cancellation of most of our events this year, Bob’s message in the November newsletter remains extant:

“We will, at the earliest opportunity, formulate a programme for 2021 for you to enter into your diaries.”