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Dates from naval history in May:

1st, 1797: First Spithead Mutiny ends with issue of Admiralty orders against abuses.  Second breaks out 7th, ending 15th.  Bill to improve service conditions passes, 8th

A more political mutiny begins at Nore, 12th.  Ringleader Richard Parker is hanged on board Sandwich, 30 June; others follow but Surgeon's Mate William Redfern, HMS STANDARD, sentenced to death having encouraged the mutineers to stay united, is reprieved, imprisoned and transported to Sydney in 1801.  His inelegant exit from Britain does not detract from his talents as a surgeon, since as well as treating fellow convicts on passage, he is appointed assistant surgeon to Norfolk Island, receives a free pardon and goes on to run Sydney Hospital for Convicts, also developing an extensive private practice

1st, 1891: Gunnery School on Whale Island commissions as HMS EXCELLENT

1st, 2019: Penny Mordaunt, RN Reservist at HMS King Alfred and MP for Portsmouth North, appointed as the first female Secretary of State for Defence

2nd, 1982: Falklands: Conqueror sinks Belgrano

3rd, 1905: Fort Blockhouse, ex-Royal Engineers, commissions as HMS DOLPHIN.  Decommissions and reverts to Fort Blockhouse, 1998

3rd, 2008: RNH Gibraltar pays off

4th, 1982: Sheffield hit by Exocet missile.  Sinks under tow by Yarmouth, 10th

5th, 1955: West Germany joins NATO

5th, 2014: First 3 female submariners announced.  Lieutenants Stiles, Olsson and Thackray train in Vigilant

6th, 2010: HM The Queen opens new Permanent Joint Headquarters, Northwood

7th, 1765: Victory launched at Chatham

10th, 1940: Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister

13th, 1787: First convict convoy sails in Sirius from Spithead for Botany Bay

13th, 1996: End of the last (229th) Polaris deterrent patrol, by Repulse

14th, 1955: Warsaw Pact created

15th, 2007: Naval Training Command formed under Flag Officer Sea Training by combining the existing FOST + Flag Officer Training and Recruitment organisations.  Rear Admiral Richard Ibbotson takes the helm

18th, 1940: RN cruiser Effingham sinks by navigation off Narvik.  A soft pencil had obscured an isolated shallow pinnacle on the chart, ship exactly on track

19th, 1765: Gosport victualling yard establishes

19th, 2000: Tireless arrives in Gibraltar for reactor repairs.  These last nearly a year, her presence causing outrage among environmentalists and straining relations between Spain and UK

20th, 1747: Dr James Lind administers various dietary addition treatments to 12 scurvy patients on board Salisbury, the first clinical trial on the condition.  Those given citrus fruit make a remarkable recovery.  Actually already discovered by the Dutch, the Admiralty takes 40 years to order regular issue of lemon juice, after which scurvy virtually disappears from ships and naval hospitals.  Limes later substituted: “Limeys”

22nd, 2012: First female CO of a major RN warship.  Commander Sarah West assumes command of Portland at Rosyth 

23rd, 1982: Antelope damaged by Argentine aircraft. 2 unexploded bombs blow up magazines next day, sinking her

24th, 1941: Hood sinks, Prince of Wales damaged, by Bismarck in Denmark Strait; latter sunk 27th

24th, 2016: Commodore Jerry Kyd assumes command, by convention in rank of Captain, of Ark Royal.  Now Fleet Commander as Vice Admiral

26th, 1940: Operation Dynamo commences: Evacuation of British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk.  Ends 4 June

31st, 1910: Reserve Decoration RD instituted

Principal source: The Royal Navy Day by Day, Captain A B Sainsbury RNR 1992 / Lt Cdr F L Phillips RNR 2018