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Dates from naval history in March: 

2nd, 1973: HMS ARIADNE, RN’s last steam ship and last of Leander class, commissioned.

4th, 1992: HMS VANGUARD, first RN Trident submarine, launched at Barrow-in-Furness. 

6th, 1902: Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service established.  (Originally formed, negative royal affiliation, 1883.)  Welcome aboard, Doris.

14th, 1757: Admiral John Byng executed at Portsmouth for dereliction of duty  …. according to Voltaire “pour encourager les autres”. 

15th, 1942: X3, first RN midget submarine, launched in Hamble River. 

22nd, 1911: Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service established. 

30th, 1971: First Fleet Chief Petty Officers appointed. 

31st, 1982: First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Henry Leach received an intelligence report that an Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands appeared imminent.  He advised Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that, contrary to MoD advice, a task force could and, speaking above his pay grade, should be deployed to free the islands.

31st, 1984: Chatham Dockyard closed.

31st, 1986: HMS VERNON, at Portsmouth Gunwharf, home of RN diving and mine warfare, decommissioned.  Subsequently became part of HMS NELSON, its component units eventually being moved out and most of the site sold off. 

31st, 1994: HMS SUSSEX, HQ Sussex Division Royal Naval Reserve, Hove, closed.  The recruiting implications of SUSSEX closing led to major changes to the association. 

Other RNR units closing that day included HMS WESSEX, HQ Solent Division, Southampton, and HMS SOUTHWICK, HQ Reserve, Fort Southwick, nr Portsmouth.  All 3 amalgamated, less many redundancies, into HMS KING ALFRED at Whale Island, Portsmouth.  The Royal Naval Auxiliary Service, RNXS, and the RNR's 10th Minesweeping Squadron, MCM 10, disbanded the same day.  HMS ARUN, sea tender to Sussex Division RNR, transferred to the Northern Ireland Squadron.

31st 1995: Portland Naval Base and RN Hospital Plymouth closed.