In this month

Dates from naval history in September:

1st, 1836: Rum ration withdrawn from accompanying women and children, replaced by tea and sugar

1st, 1968: Flag Officer Aircraft Carriers becomes Flag Officer Carriers and Amphibious Ships

3rd, 1939: UK declares war on Germany.  Winston Churchill returns to Admiralty as First Lord, after 25 years

3rd, 1995: QARNNS adopts RN ranks

4th, 1861: VC previously awarded to Midshipman E St J Daniel forfeited by Royal Warrant following desertion

4th, 1995: RN Detention Quarters at Portsmouth closes.  Functions and people transfer to the tri-service Military Corrective Training Centre, Colchester; “DQs” becomes RM School of Music, ex-Deal

MCTC films here and here 

5th, 1940: US transfers 50 destroyers and 10 escorts to RN in return for lease on West Indies bases

6th, 2016: Captain Eleanor Ablett becomes the first female CO of a major training establishment, HMS Raleigh

7th, 1971: Swiftsure, nuclear submarine first of class, launches

11th, 1944: Operation Heckle – midget submarine X24 lays 2 charges under floating dock at Bergen; dock breaks in 2, 4 of 6 sections damaged beyond repair, 2 ships alongside damaged, delaying harbour routines and immobilising troops

13th, 1988: Active and RFA Oakleaf render hurricane relief to Jamaica

15th, 1931: Pay cuts spark mutiny at Invergordon by some 1,000 naval personnel of the Atlantic Fleet.  More on the Invergordon community website here

15th, 1966: Resolution, first RN Polaris submarine, launches

20th, 1976: Fittleton sinks after colliding with frigate Mermaid in RNR exercise.  12 killed

22nd, 1989: 10 RM Band members and a civilian killed by terrorist bomb at RM School of Music, Deal

24th, 1958: RNAS Ford closes for flying

28th, 1969: First RM deployment to Northern Ireland, 41 Commando

29th, 1758: Horatio Nelson born

30th, 1993: Last submarines leave Dolphin, which pays off same date, 1998, closing 1999

30th, 2011: 1,000+ naval personnel redundant in first batch of SDSR reductions.  Overall reduction target 5,000, to 30,000


Principal source: The Royal Navy Day by Day, Captain A B Sainsbury RNR 1992 / Lt Cdr F L Phillips RNR 2018

Britain at Sea – BBC Radio 4 production with Admiral Lord West: The former First Sea Lord in a series on the nation’s naval history.  This one on how the service adapted post-World War II

The RN website carries an illustrated timeline of the history of the Royal Navy, in bite size helpings, here