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SANO congratulates our President, Vice Admiral Sir Peter Woodhead, on his recent engagement to Margaret.


In view of the short time lapse between Trafalgar Night and our next event I have decided to issue an October and November Newsletter as a single item. (see below for details).
Early in December, as is the custom, the Committee will be holding their annual strategy meeting when all matters relating to the Association and future planning of events will be discussed. It is at this stage that ideas for lectures or visits are most welcome from members. If you have any thoughts on this or any other matters relating to the Association then do please pass them on to Ray, our Secretary.


An excellent and enjoyable evening was had by 52 members and guests who attended the Trafalgar Night Dinner on Saturday 28 October 2017. Our principal guest and speaker, who proposed the toast ‘The Immortal Memory,’ was Rear Admiral Paul Hoddinott CB OBE accompanied by his wife Rue. We are exceptionally grateful for Admiral Hoddinott stepping into the breach at very short notice. The theme of his address was Float, Move, Fight which is as relevant today as it was in Nelson’s time. Admiral Hoddinott’s appointments in a 34 year naval career included three sea commands: a diesel submarine HMS Andrew, the Polaris submarine HMS Revenge and the guided missile destroyer HMS Glasgow .Thereafter he served in the Ministry of Defence, represented the UK as Deputy Military Representative to NATO in Brussels, returned to naval operations as Chief of Staff Submarines in the final years of the Cold War and completed his naval service as Naval Attaché and Commander British Naval Staff in Washington DC.


Our next event is to be a Lecture/Lunch on SATURDAY 18 NOVEMBER 2017, 1100 for 1130. Nick Hewitt has had to pull out for personal reasons and Richard Stanton has kindly stepped into the breach with the topic, ‘Submarines-Things that go deep in the night .’ The cost is £20 per head and further details may be obtained from the Secretary; applications to attend should be sent to reach him before Monday 13 November.


Following the talk given by Kate Parkin in April of this year, the EC wants to draw members’ attention to the Sussex Armed Forces Network (SAFN). SAFN is a group drawn from a wide range of organisations, including the NHS, MoD, Armed Forces Reservists, Mental and Physical Health Clinicians, the Royal British Legion, SSAFA and other interested charities and organisations from across Sussex, such as the police and local authorities. These bodies are working together to improve the lives of the armed forces community, in particular to deliver the Armed Forces Covenant Commitment: those who serve in the Armed Forces, whether Regular or Reserve, those who have served, and their families, should face no disadvantage and receive the integrated care and support they require tailored to their particular needs, whether it is for:

• housing/charities/employment;

• mental health and substance misuse;

• mental health, education and charities;

• justice services, mental health and charities;

• carers and charities.

Any member of SANO who thinks that they or a member of their immediate family needs help in obtaining better access to these services should get in touch with SAFN directly (, or through SANO EC member Ian Wright.



The solution to the satellite quiz was : Max Latitudes N and S approx 82 degrees

Minimum Number of satellites 3  (solutions can be sent on request!)



The film ‘DUNKIRK’ prompted some lively responses and I have included a few of the comments received either verbally or in writing below:-
“The entire script was nonsense and did credit to no one”.
“I was equally disgusted with the totally inaccurate portrayal of Dunkirk. So many gross errors and far too many dramatic noises”.
“more of an apologia for the RAF it seemed”.
“Too much Hollywood”
“Even the filming from the air was geographically inaccurate . Truly disappointing”.
“Cut to Kenneth Branagh (clearly intended to portray Captain Tennant) dressed as a Commander about to go on parade at Dartmouth once he had buttoned up his beautiful Gieves greatcoat”



 The lecture/lunch on 18 November 2017 (mentioned above) is the final SANO event of the year.



The years between fifty and seventy are the hardest. You are always being asked to do things and you are not yet decrepit enough to turn them down. (Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother).

Best wishes, Bob